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eDEXdeals.com Implements New Discount Program, eDEXdeals Knowledge 4 Kids, to support Nonprofit Organizations Dedicated to Educating Children and Teens in Low-income Environments

Camarillo, CA - April 12, 2010 - eDEXdeals.com™, a major online reseller of new and refurbished consumer electronics, today announced that it has launched a new discount program to aid youth-serving organizations meet the educational needs of at-risk and low-income children and youth. eDEXdeals aims to increase computer literacy and potentially help to develop the job-related computers skills of underprivileged children and teens.

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, eDEXdeals.com and DEX are committed to supporting programs that provide education, Internet access, computer training and job-skills development to deserving children around the world.

"Computer literacy for kids is just as important as traditional subjects. Under our DEX Global Corporate Service Initiative, we are committed to helping provide the benefits of technology to those underserved by it." says Sheldon Malchicoff, Owner and CEO of eDEXdeals.com, a subsidiary of a leading supply chain logistics company, DEX. "With the state of today's economy along with government cutbacks, private industries and non-profit groups have a hard time filling the gap. eDEXdeals can effectively help these organizations realize substantial cost savings through the eDEXdeals Knowledge 4 Kids discount program."

The goal of the eDEXdeals Knowledge 4 Kids program is to give youth-serving nonprofit organizations the ability to provide assistance consistently and cost-effectively allowing them to focus on investing more in to program development and the delivery of services that help to enrich the lives of those who need it.

eDEXdeals will steadily increase its outreach with the purpose of welcoming many organizations that have a positive impact on children and focus on building stronger communities through education and human services.

About eDEXdeals
eDEXdeals.com™ is a major online reseller of new and refurbished consumer electronics specializing in notebooks, desktops, computer components, audio and gaming equipment, LCD monitors, and accessories. eDEXdeals was launched by DEX, a leader in Global Supply Chain Solutions for high-technology industries, to offer extremely affordable deals to consumers worldwide. DEX Systems, the IT Division of DEX, developed eDEXdeals.com as an additional selling channel to support DEX's Asset Recovery program, allowing DEX clients to realize new revenue streams for their new, used, obsolete or defective inventory, and channels returned merchandise. For more information, visit edexdeals.com.

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