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3Com/USR Courier Analog Modem (80-005685-0)
Code: 3CC:80-005685-0
3Com/USR Courier Analog Modem (80-005685-0)
Price: $9.99

Features & Specifications

The World Wide Web offers businesses and families a range of resources no one could imagine only a few years ago. But to see the detailed graphics and lifelike motion built into today's most advanced sites, or to hear near-CD quality sound, computer users need the fastest downloads possible over analog phone lines. Now the U.S. Robotics 56K Faxmodem gives users faster downloads for a more exciting, rewarding online experience. If you are simply looking for the fastest Internet experience, with no requirement for voice capability, then this is the modem for you. With full Internet and e-mail facilities, the 56K Faxmodem can offer storage for up to 100 faxes whilst sending and receiving faxes and e-mail from your PC. The Faxmodem includes 56kbps V.90 ITU standard and x2 technology allowing users to download from the Internet and online services at speeds up to 56Kbps. Use the Faxmodem for world wide Internet access at up to 56Kbps, Fax applications and E-mail.

Key Features
Type Analog Modem
Transmission Line Analog
Interface ISA
Downstream Speed 56 Kbps
Enclosure Internal
Platform Mac

Supported Standards
Analog Modulation Protocol ITU V.21, ITU V.22, ITU V.22bis, ITU V.23, ITU V.32, ITU V.32bis, ITU V.34, ITU V.90, X2

Fax Standards ITU V.17, ITU V.27ter, ITU V.29
Max. Fax Transfer Rate 14.4 Kbps

Data Compression / Error Correction
Error Correction Protocol ITU V.42 (LAPM), MNP-2, MNP-3, MNP-4
Data / Fax / Voice Compression ITU V.42bis, MNP-5

Voice / Video
Voice Communication Support Speakerphone

Refurbished with 30 day warranty.

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