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US Robotics 80-005687-02 56K X2 v.90 ISA Modem Internal Jum
Code: 3CC:80-005687-02
US Robotics 80-005687-02 56K X2 v.90 ISA Modem Internal Jum
Price: $9.99

Features & Specifications

The V.90 U.S. Robotics 56K modem adds even more value to users' Internet experience: the Connections CD-ROM software collection comes with every U.S. Robotics modem. It's jam-packed with all the communications, fax and Internet access software you need; with complete and sample programs for work, home and entertainment; special offers and 3Com support information. The Connections interface makes exploring and using its features quick and easy. No other modem comes with a software selection so comprehensive, useful and convenient. Faster Internet access brings you the full Internet experience with rich graphics, real-time audio and video, intense game action.

Refurbished with 30 day warranty

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