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Philips MKS S23 RF Amplifier

The Philips MKS S23 RF Amplifier model 53-S23A-64 is a linear, pulsed, RF power amplifier, intended for use as part of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system. This model is capable of delivering up to 25 kW (64 MHz) or 15 kW (42 MHz) into a load VSWR of 1.5:1. Typical gain at 25 kW output will be 74 dB (64 MHz); typical gain at 15 kW output will be 71.8 dB (42 MHz). The amplifier consists of a four-stage solid-state preamplifier/driver followed by a two-stage, grounded-grid, vacuum-tube amplifier. The vacuum-tube stages provide approximately 25 dB gain. The balance is supplied by the solid-state preamplifier/driver. All major functions are controlled and monitored by a microprocessor based control system. The microprocessor provides amplifier and MRI system protection from excessive average- and peak-power operation. The Philips MKS S23 RF amplifier is remotely controlled via a parallel- or RS-232-interface during normal MRI system operation. Prior to shipment from DEX, all produced is tested and certified in our ISO certified facility.  Founded in 1980, DEX has facilities in both Camarillo, California in the United States and a location in Dublin, Ireland.  Both locations have ISO 9001:2000 and 13485 certifications. Ireland also has ISO 14001. This Philips MKS S23 RF Amplifier has been worked on by a team of highly qualified, experienced engineers who isolate and repair down to the component level to bring this reburbished product to like new condition. DEX offers competitive pricing with guaranteed quality, and DEX ensures the product meets all the required specs.  We offer a discount with a core exchange product.  Turnaround time on the core exchange products is three days.  The Philips MKS S23 RF Amplifier has a one year warranty.  Please call us at 805 388 1711, or visit www. to buy today.



Philips MKS S23 RF Amplifier

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